Event: Token Airdrop Party For The Listing of ACE/TEAM on BitRabbit

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Dear Rabbits:

BitRabbit is launching an Token Airdrop Party together with TOKENSTARS, to celebrate the official listing of ACE and TEAM on BitRabbit Exchange. Don't miss it!

1. TOKENSTARS Description 

TOKENSTARS is a sports talent management project, focused on connecting players, fans and advertisers on its blockchain platform. Our core business is investing in prospective players, growing their fan audience and receiving commissions from their future income and advertising contracts. ACE and TEAM - utility tokens, that serve as a form of access to the platform and its internal currency.

TEAM tokens allow sports & entertainment celebrities to grow their audience, involve more fans in activities and attract advertising contracts, while fans receive the desired opportunity to communicate with their favorite stars and access the exclusive offers. Click for more information about TEAM>>

ACE tokens allow young and talented tennis players to transfer revenues and help professional tennis players to interact with the audience on TokenStars platform and also transferring revenues from advertisers. Click for more information about ACE>>

2. Airdrop Event

Contest 1: ACE/TEAM Net Purchase Qualifying 

Start Date: 20th of May Duration: 7 days


  • Buy at least 5 ETH worth of ACE and/or TEAM in any ACE or TEAM pair.
  • Top 10 ACE/TEAM Buyers (for each token respectively) will receive the prize fund of 20,000 ACE and 40,000 TEAM.


  • Top-10 will be determined by calculating the token balance growth (e.g. if the trader bought ACE for 100 ETH and then sold everything before the end of the contest, his result will be “0”. The same for current token holders, who deposited ACE worth of 100 ETH, but bought nothing).
  • Rewards shall be distributed received by top ACE/TEAM gainers after 10 days after the end of contest.

Token Distribution:

ACE Ranking Reward TEAM Ranking Reward
1st 5000 ACE 1st 10000 TEAM
2nd 4000 ACE 2nd 8000 TEAM
3rd 3000 ACE 3rd 6000 TEAM 
4th 1500 ACE 4th  3000 TEAM
5th 1500 ACE 5th  3000 TEAM
6th 1250 ACE 6th 2500 TEAM
7th 1250 ACE 7th 2500 TEAM
8th 1000 ACE 8th 2000 TEAM
9th 1000 ACE 9th 2000 TEAM
10th 500 ACE 10th 1000 TEAM

*If the number of contestants is lower than 10, reward budget will be divided between participants in the same proportions.

Contest 2: ACE/TEAM Trading Invitation Plan

Start Date: 20th of May Duration: 30 days


  • Referral Scheme for ACE/TEAM traders Get your referral link on BitRabbit. Invite your friends. (Steps: 1. Login to www.bitrabbit.com;  2. Enter user center; 3. Click account settings to get your referral code.)
  • Receive 50% commission of their ACE/TEAM trading during the first month.

Contest 3: Trading Volume Contest

Start Date: 3rd of June Duration: 7 days


  • TOP 5 users by cumulative ACE/TEAM trading volume at the end of the campaign get 2000 ACE/TEAM tokens each.
  • Rewards will be received in 10 days after the end of the contest

Contest 4: Holding Contest

Start Date: 12th of June Duration: 25 days

Holding contest:  Buy 5000 ACE or TEAM tokens Hold them for 25 days 10000 ACE and 10000 TEAM tokens shall best shared between participants but not more than 500 of ACE/TEAM to each.

Token Distribution: Tokens will be distributed evenly between participants. 

Thank you for your support and trust in BitRabbit (https://www.bitrabbit.com). Please be assured that with the emergence of BitRabbit, the era of better digital asset trading and investment has come.


BitRabbit Team


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Хошая информация.

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nice project, thanks info

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very nice information

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Хошего дня.

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Привет из России!!

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