I. Rules

* Users can enable/disable the BRB deduction function in [User Center]-[BRB Deduction].

Users who trading/withdraw token(no limit on the type of token) on BitRabbit exchange, if they have enough BRB in their personal assets, can enjoy 50% off discount on the trading/withdrawal fee when paying trading/withdrawal fee with BRB. The trading/withdrawal fee will be converted into equivalent BRB based on the market value before payment.

II. The use of BRB recovered through the deduction function

1. 50% of the recovered BRB through deduction will be destroyed regularly.

2. The remaining 50% of the BRB will be used to motivate participants who use, hold and promote BRB. Please stay tuned for details.

III. Ways to get BRB

1.Buy in the market, Click here to buy BRB

2. Obtain through mining in BunnyPub community(for the specific starting time of mining function, please pay attention to the official website)

3. Obtain through participating in official and community activities 

IV. Frequently Asked Questions

1. BRB market value conversion logic:

If the trading/withdrawal fee receivable is in ETH, it will be converted to BRB according to the exchange ratio of ETH and BRB in the market. Take the latest price in the ETH/BTC and BRB/BTC markets, ETH/BRB exchange ratio= latest price in (ETH/BTC) market / latest price in (BRB/BTC) market. 

2. Can users choose to enable/disable Deduction with BRB function?

Users can choose to enable/disable Deduction with BRB function in [User Center]-[BRB Deduction]. 

3. How to settle when the fee receivable is in BRB?

If the trading/withdrawal fee receivable is in BRB, the corresponding discount will be enjoyed when the "Fee Deduction with BRB" is enabled; when the function is closed, the withdrawal fee will be charged according to the ordinary fee standard.

4. How to settle when Deduction with BRB function is enabled, but there's insufficient BRB?

When there's insufficient BRB, the withdrawal fee will be charged according to the ordinary fee standard

5. Why does the withdrawal of some currencies fail?

① The withdrawal fee of the currency only supports in BRB

For some currencies, the Withdrawal Fee Deduction with BRB function is enabled by default.

If there's insufficient BRB in personal assets, the user's withdrawal operation will be affected. Users can view detailed fee information in the fee description.

② System abnormal

The server is abnormal, and the user needs to resubmit the withdrawal request. 

6. Why is the amount of deducted BRB displayed on the trading/withdrawal page different from the actual amount of expenditure?

Because the market price fluctuates greatly, the trading/withdrawal fee of each withdrawal order is converted according to the latest market price. Please refer to the actual expenditure amount. 

7. How to check the actual amount of deducted BRB?

Please check the actual withdrawal fee expenditure in [History] - [Transaction/Deposit/Withdrawal History]. 

* If you have other questions, please contact our official customer service.

[RISK WARNING] Digital currency is a new social product that is still inits initial stage of development. There could be many risks in the market of digital currency trading (e.g. technical defects, price fluctuations etc.). Users should be fully aware of the investment risks. Established under the legal framework of Australia, BitRabbit is a neutral trading platform aiming to satisfy the trading demands of digital currency fans and is not liable for any review, warranty or compensation liabilities of the currency value.

Thank you for your support and trust in BitRabbit .Please be assured that with the emergence of BitRabbit, the era of better digital asset trading and investment has come.


BitRabbit Team


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