Slight hiccup ?

The core developers of Ethereum have called for a delay to the activation of Constantinople hard fork, just hours before it was scheduled to go live on the Ethereum network. ?

Major Ethereum clients such as Go-Ethereum (Geth) and Parity have released software updates following the decision, which came after blockchain audit firm Chain Security discovered a security vulnerability in Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1283, one of the planned changes included in Constantinople that sought to introduce a cheaper gas cost for SSTORE operations. If exploited, the vulnerability would have permitted "re-entrance attacks" which would allow funds to be withdrawn from the same source multiple times. ?

Since the hard fork has been delayed, cryptocurrency exchanges, miners, and other node operators must either upgrade to emergency released software updates or downgrade to the previous pre-fork release (less recommended) or get disconnected from the main Ethereum network.

The new activation block for the upgrade will be decided during another call later this week. ?

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Join the party~@charmmytashi @Almight 

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 Eth going to the moon !!!!

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