PAC Token will be launched on September 1, 2019 at the “Manny Pacquiao Live” concert to be held at the Araneta Coliseum on the same day.

“While Senator Manny is busy serving his people, we hope to help him reach out to his fans and engage them regularly. By having his PAC Tokens, they become a privileged group who will have opportunities to connect with him on a whole new level. GCOX will provide such a revolutionary fan-celebrity engagement platform,” – Dr. Jeffrey Lin, GCOX CEO

GCOX is a platform where celebrities can issue personalized tokens. Fans of the boxing champion and senator from the Philippines can use PAC Tokens to access and pay for Pacquiao merchandise, personalized videos, messages, and even commemorative items signed by Mr. Pacquiao.

For example, through a fan-celebrity “edutainment app”, celebrities and fans will have direct connection with each other. GCOX said this edutainment app is a game change that can “bring celebrities and fans closer like never before”.

One plan is for Mr. Pacquiao to do live streaming sessions or create motivational videos for his fans. “PAC Tokens may also be used to support philanthropic and charity causes that I champion. Together with my fans, we can help more people in need and improve the lives of others,” he said in a statement.

GCOX is also planning to launch a digital payment system called Pacpay that will allow fans to make purchases and receive discounts and rewards while using PAC Tokens. Pacpay will be subject to regulatory approval first before launching.

PAC Token had a number of delays before launch. First reported last year on BitPinas, GCOX representative at Blockchain Asia 

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