POS Stake Token

Secure and easy token distribution get yours now before 2020

Get stake tokens for 0.1 TRX each 100 TRX = 1000 Stake
before 2020

Why buy Stake tokens

Because you dont have to roll the dice or invest in ponzi schemes when TRON blockchain can guarantee you safe and secure profit for life.


Long Term profit

Stake is designed to be the most valuable token in tron network, the only way to get stake after the sale is over is by staking it in your wallet.
huge demand on this token by big investors and people who want to invest in something that grows over time will make this token go higher and higher in price.


Dapps integration

Stake will be available to use with as many dapps as possible, it is useful for investors, regular users, developers and business owners.
as we develop our own dapps with your continues support we encourage other developers to develop for stake.


Secure ownership

When you freeze Stake you earn profit while it stays in your wallet, totally secure and autonomous.


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