Report: BitRabbit June Report (2019-06)

Dear Rabbits:

The first half of 2019 ends. We are as excited as you are in the bull market. Will the bull market remain to the second half of the year? Let's wait and see! The BitRabbit June Report is here for all of you, including all the BitRabbit's latest progress. Let's take a look.

I. Major Products Update

  • Redesign network construction to greatly improves the access speed in China.
  • Begin to develop new BitRabbit user center
  • Integrate with several new currencies
  • Repair the bugs of product to improve performance

II. Operation Progress

1. Listing

Listing is our focus in June. Following are the currencies being listed in June:

Listing: BitRabbit Lists FOB at June 1, 12:00 AM

Listing: BitRabbit Lists RUT at June 4, 11:00 AM

Listing: BitRabbit Lists ETM at June 10, 11:00 AM

Listing: BitRabbit Lists SPT at June 11, 3:00 PM

Listing : BitRabbit Lists CUAN (KingCuan) on June 17, 11:00 AM

Listing: BitRabbit Lists EXOR at June 19, 5:00 PM

Listing: BitRabbit Lists HSN at June 20, 11:00 AM

Listing: BitRabbit Lists SBA (simplyBrand) at June 28, 11:00 AMmplyBrand)

2. Marketing Campaign

TOKEN STARS Airdrop Party

Event: To Celebrate ACE And TEAM Listing on BitRabbit, TOKEN STARS Airdrop Party Continues!

Mine SPT by Trading

During the event, new users can receive a 1000 SPT mining pool by access to specific page. New users can also expand the SPT mining pool by referral. SPT will be released to personal asset from SPT mining pool in a certain ammount based on the miner level and his/her trading volume.

Click the above event banner on BitRabbit official website (

3. Cummunity Operation

Well-developed Chinese and English communities, providing communication platform for BitRabbit users at home and abroad. Chinese and English BitRabbit customer services are provided in the communities. Join BitRabbit communities to receive best services and latest news of BitRabbit.

Wechat: scan OR code and add BitRabbit customer service (bitrabbit_official)

QQ group: Scan QR code and enter QQ group (712845415)

Chinese telegram group:
English telegram group:

III. Plan of July

1. Technology

  • Focus on users' asset security, improving security level of current system, changing the verification method of a series of behaviors.
  • Opetimize user asset page, and develop an asset management tool based on it.
  • Continue to develop the new BitRabbit user center.

2. Operation

  • Add trading pairs with 5 mainstream currencies
  • List 10 trading pairs in Innovation Market
  • Conduct deep operation in BitRabbit community
  • Focus more on channel construction and brand promotion.

Thank you for your support and trust on Please be assured a better era of cryptocurrency trading and investment has come, because of the emergence of BitRabbit.


BitRabbit Team


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