Dear Rabbits:

Time flies as fast as a rabbit. Without we knowing it, July has said good bye to us. Here's the BitRabbit July Report for rabbits to get to know BitRabbit's latest progress.

I. Major Product Update

  • Upgrade system security performance comprehensively to ensure the security of user accounts and assets.
  • Integrate with a series of new tokens
  • Fix BUG to improve product performance.

II. Operation Progress

1.Exchange Listing

We focus on listing in July, and have listed following tokens:

2. Marketing Campaign

  • ZEN Airdrop $15,000 Candy

Event 1: New user reward

During the event, new user will receive 200 ZEN (≈$3) after completing the registration and real-name authentication, and receive another 100 ZEN after finishing trading ZEN for one time. One single account can only receive reward once. First come first served with a total supply of 150,000 ZEN. 

Event 2: Deposit reward (for both new and old users)

During the event, real-name user who deposit (unlimited amount) currency to, will receive 10~500 ZEN randamly. One single account can only receive reward once. First come first served with a total supply of 150,000 ZEN.

Event 3: Transaction reward (for both new and old users)

Take part in the ZEN/USDT transaction, the top 30 users on the daily trading volume (buy amount + sell amount), who have completed the real-name authentication, will share 600,000 ZEN. 4 rounds of transaction qualifying in total, and 150,000 ZEN rewards for each round.

  • 1st place: 10,000 ZEN (≈1000 CNY)
  • 2nd place: 9,000 ZEN (≈900 CNY)
  • 3rd place: 8,000 ZEN (≈800 CNY)
  • 4th~10th palces: 6,000 ZEN (≈600 CNY)
  • 11th~20th places: 4,600 ZEN (≈460 CNY)
  • 21th~30th: 3,500 ZEN (≈350 CNY)

Event 4: Share reward (for both new and old users)

Post "BitRabbit exchange lists ZEN" with event post to your social media or crypto communities (≥ 200 people), and you will get 100 ZEN. Only the first 1000 users who complete the task will get the reward. (The ranking will be based on the time you send snapshot to BitRabbit customer service.)

  • Twice Your MIN Balance

To reward both new and old MIN users, BitRabbit users who hold no less than 2000 MIN can send their MIN balance snapshot and address to MIN official customer service on August 1, 2019 to get the "Twice Your MIN Balance" reward.

3.Community Operation

  • Build 10 new groups for new project event, continue to expand the community of BitRabbit.
  • Divide BitRabbit Wechat groups into core groups and other groups. Provide better service to the real users gathered in core groups.
  • Well-developed Chinese and English communities, providing communication platform for BitRabbit users at home and abroad. Chinese and English BitRabbit customer services are provided in the communities. Join BitRabbit communities to receive best services and latest news of BitRabbit.
Wechat: Scan to add customer service (bitrabbit_official), reply "enter group"
Chinese telegram group:
English telegram group:

III. Plan of August


  • Optimize personal assets page, and gradually build an asset management tool based on the page.
  • Continue to develop new version BitRabbit user center.


  • Add trading pairs with 5 mainstream currencies
  • Add 10 trading pairs in Innovation Market
  • Conduct in-depth BitRabbit community operation
  • Focus more on channel building and brand promotion

Thank you for your support and trust in BitRabbit ( Please be assured that with the emergence of BitRabbit, the era of better digital asset trading and investment has come.


BitRabbit Team


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