Report: BitRabbit August Report (2019-08)

Dear Rabbits:

Time flies. August has gone and September is coming. Let's have a look at BitRabbit August Report to get to know the latest progress!

I. Major Product Update

  • Optimize the 2-step verification of major operation, such as login and withdrawal
  • Improve the user experience of APP
  • Docking with a series of new currencies
  • Repair known BUG to improve profuct performance
  • Improve system security performance to guarantee the security of user account and assets

II. Operation Progress

1.Exchange Listing

The operation this month focuses on listing and listing event. We list following currencies this month:

2. Marketing Campaign

To thanks for the support of new and old users, BitRabbit launches "Welcome home BitRabbit gives away $14 million worth redbags" event. Event time: August 22, 2019, 00:00 - August 27, 24:00 (UTC + 8). All new and old BitRabbit users who participate in the deposit event will receive random candy worth from $5 to $50. The more you deposit, the more you will be rewarded! (Net deposit amount = deposit - withdrawal, and need to hold the currency to the event deadline on BitRabbit).

It has been over a year since the launching of BitRabbit. We want to build the best Exchange, providing you the best service. Therefore we'd like to hear the voice (dissatisfaction) from you, hoping to get more good suggestions. You will be rewarded for your dissatisfaction or ideas. If your idea is adopted, you will receive airdrop candy worth $14 and a BitRabbit T-shirt.

Questionnaire link:

3.Community Ecology

  • Continue to expand partners. Currently BitRabbit has maintained close contact with more than 50 blockchain media.
  • Promote each event in more than 50 media.
  • Expand BitRabbit Wechat group through listing events.
  • Well-developed Chinese and English communities, providing communication platform for BitRabbit users at home and abroad. Chinese and English BitRabbit customer services are provided in the communities. Join BitRabbit communities to receive best services and latest news of BitRabbit.
Wechat: Scan to add customer service (bitrabbit_official) and enter Wechat group.
Chinese telegram group:
English telegram group:

III. Plan of September


  • Add friend invitation feature to BitRabbit client.
  • Improve the security and fluency of BitRabbit client.
  • Optimize user asset page, and create asset management tools.
  • Continue to develop BitRabbit User Center new version.


  • Add trading pairs with 5 mainstream currencies
  • Add 10 trading pairs in Innovation Market
  • Conduct in-depth BitRabbit community operation
  • Focus more on channel building and brand promotion

Thank you for your support and trust on Please be assured, because of the emergence of BitRabbit, a better era of digital assets transaction and investment has come.


BitRabbit Team


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