BunnyPub - An Innovative Interactive Mining Community

I have been using BunnyPubcommunity recently, and following are my personal insights into this community.

BunnyPub community is quite different from most of the blockchain content platforms. Currently, it seems that BunnyPub is making itself into a forum. Its biggest feature is that the tokens obtained through interactive mining by users in BunnyPub community can be cashed.

A lot of blockchain contentplatforms have emerged in China, each of which has its token incentive system.However, many of these tokens haven’t been listed on Exchanges, and when willthey be listed remains unknown. 

Therefore, there are certain risksfor users to deep plough on blockchain content platforms. It’s possible forthem to get no financial gain after spending lots of time and efforts. But,from a non-utilitarian point of view, even if the tokens of these contentplatforms can not be cashed, it is of certain meaning and value to have so manyauthors and readers communicating together.

BunnyPub community is based on BitRabbitExchange, therefore the community tokens that can be obtained by interactivemining are also the platform tokens (carrot and BRB) of BitRabbit Exchange, ofwhich BRB is the main platform token and carrot the sub-platform token, justlike the relationship between HT and HPT of Huobi.

The trading pair of carrot has beenlisted on the BitRabbit Exchange. The worth of 7000 carrot now is about 160yuan. BRB has not yet been listed, but will be soon. The internal price of BRBis set to be 0.5 dollar (about 3 yuan), which is quite valuable.

So we don’t need to worry about thecashing of token when participating in the interactive mining in BunnyPubcommunity. What’s more, you can also reward posts with tokens such as BTC, ETH,EOS in BunnyPub community. I’ve seen a post receiving a reward of 0.5 BTC, wow!

From the perspective of the cashingof tokens, no doubt BunnyPub has its unique advantage.

What about the design of tokeneconomic mechanism of BunnyPub community?

According to the official, BRB canbe produced by post, reply, like, or other interactive behaviors of users inBunnyPub community. The daily output of BRB is a certain percentage of the netprofit that the community gained on the previous day which is converted to BRBaccording to the average price of BRB on the day. Since it’s the promotionperiod of the community, the official team will take out their BRB quota formarketing promotion.

For example, if the previous day'snet profit of the community was 3,000 dollars, and the average price of BRB onthat day was 2 dollars, the number of BRB produced on that day was 1,500.

Then there is a question here: Whatis the net profit of the community?

The official staff tell me that itrefers to the profit of the Exchange and the future advertising revenue of thecommunity.

The mechanism is completelydifferent from the daily fixed token incentive mechanism of other platforms.From some point, the mining mechanism of BunnyPub is a disguised dividend.

For previous Exchanges,"transaction is mining, holding tokens is dividend". But instead ofsharing transaction mining profit with users holding tokens, the mechanism of BitRabbitExchange shares the profit of the Exchange with the users of BunnyPub communitythrough post and reply.

According to the interactive miningmechanism, the daily output of BRB is unfixed (except for the advertising revenue),because the daily transaction volume of the Exchange is floating. Moretransaction volume means more transaction fees, more transaction fees meansmore output of BRB in the community for incentive.

In other words, the interactivemining revenue of users in BunnyPub community is closely related to the transactionvolume of BitRabbit Exchange. According to the official disclosure, only acertain percentage of the community's net profit will be used for interactivemining rewards, the specific proportion is unknown yet.

In addition, 20% of total BRBreward obtained by the post is rewarded to the author (the author will nolonger receive the interactive reward of the post), and the remaining 80% is rewardedto the users who interact with the post.

In other words, BRB rewardencourages users to like and reply the posts.

In short, according to the token economicmechanism design, the user revenue of BunnyPub community is related to two factors.

One is the transaction volume ofBitRabbit Exchange. More transaction volume means more transaction fees, andmore transaction fees means more output of BRB in the community for incentive.

The other is the activity of theuser's post. The activity is closely related to the likes and replies receivedby the post. The higher the activity is, the more BRB the user will berewarded.

Currently BunnyPub doesn’t have anylocking system, so how can the price of BRB keep rising? Current circulation ofBRB is still very small, it’s easy for the official team to push up the price.But what to do when the circulation of BRB increases?

Overall, the interactive miningmodel of BunnyPub community based on the Exchange is a pioneer, since thetraffice of the Exchange and content community is very expensive. BunnyPub communityis essentially fuse and match the traffic of the Exchange and contentcommunity, so as to generate greater traffic aggregation effect and more value.

But since I have not read thewhitepaper of BunnyPub community, I know very little about its specific model,such as the distribution rules of token and other application scenarios of BRBexcept for mining.

BunnyPub community still at thetrial operation stage now. It will be iterated. I really forward to the launchingof its APP after the National Day.


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