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In the current era of the internet, China has exceeded 800 million users. cellphones, computers, mobile hard disks or cloud saves are all options for information storage. How many secrets can be kept under the palm sized screens we carry every day?

A million-dollar electronic contract? A top rank game account? Or some shameful delights that will never see the light of day?

If you disappear, what will happen to these secrets that are stored in binary code? Without a doubt you will press the “delete” button to erase the records. The so called “secret” is not meant to see

the light of day, it is meant to be kept in one’s heart to the grave.

Thus is our recommended Japanese drama show: dele ディーリー,every episode is packed with suspense and tension of secrets.


In real life,real property have many protection regulations. The shows intention is dealingwith "virtual" property, while incorporating the life elements oflove, secretive love and more.

All these areplaces in the careful planning of crime sources, with twists and turns tomarvel at every episode.

The show revolves around a digital heritage and builds up vaguely into high gear.

In reality,"digital heritage" also exists. The German Federal Supreme Court has ruled a "digital heritage" lawsuit.

A girl warrun over by a train, and her parents needed access to her Facebook account to determine whether the cause of death was suicide or a simple traffic accident.This incident has caused widespread discussion of digital heritage.

In the modern digital era, "digital heritage" will increase in importance. “dele ディーリー” gives a thoughtful insight to what digital heritage may need or may be to come.

 “dele ディーリー”episodically reveals the true secret behind a shady employer, and from theperspective of suspense, is a high-energy detective drama.

Detective Sherlock Holmes  once said ”Unless impossible, the truth is the truth no matter how unreasonable.” “dele ディーリー” hasmany seemingly impossible scenarios and shades, but they all can be very real.

Safety and security is upmost importance in this era of information.

As modern network information is not perfect, some secrets will be buried in the depths forever. We hope to develop a "BitRabbit" secure storage zone that will never be invaded and never be leaked.

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It sounds so interesting, wish we would dele everything and everyone we do not want have in mind

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