【Report】BitRabbit Sep. Report(2018-9)

Dear Rabbits:

Commonly people use a web forumas the centre point for a web community. However, building a popular forum is no easy task and requires patience and dedication.

This Sepetmber BitRabbit are going to focus on build Bunny Pub forum, based on blockchain and token economic.

Forums and Functions of Bunny Pub you can share background knowledge and build collaborative cryptocurrencies to promote crypto circulation. For example, we launch reward kinds of cryptos and Bonus for anyone who posting arciles in the forums. In addition, we would launch interactive mining activities. We are confidencec that no other forums have such functions like us. Here, you can create value and discover value at any time. Come and play with us.

Remark:  The chinese name of BunnyPub is revised to Tu Ji. That means BitRabbit Basement.Below is BitRabbit Sepetmber Report for your reference



Key Products



  • Added new tasks here


  • Launce token Undertaking Page

  • Add transaction pair Favourite function



  • Bunny Pub launch reward functions for authors

  • Bonus given to authors

  • Open active minding function soon, for more, please refer to Bunny Pub


  • Optimize the Bunny Pub, delete bug at the front page
  • Adjust the mailing routings and add more supplies
  • Reconstruct the Android Function
  • Listing for CARROT and BTC2
  • Open EOS withdrawl
  • Release BitRabbit E-letter for all the registrated users



1、Marketing For Exchange

  • BitRabbit Registered With Kuaibi888.org,millions CARROT giveaway
  • Return of TRVC transaction event, up to 20000 TRVC giveaway!
  • BitRabbit 0 Transaction Fee event is to be extended until the end of November,,millions CARROT giveaway
  • CARROT Roulette Grand prize of BTC, total token award to 150 thousand
  • Launch of BitRabbit’s mission system, join for great rewards


2、Bunny Pub marketing

  • Who is the most tranic one? Tell your story of being cheated in crypto investment and win VNT of 30,000
  • The Eleventh Crypto Monopoly Game is Over!  Free participation in the EOS price forecast contest, winning the ETH prize pool
  • Bunny Pub Cumminity Partner Recruitment: Post Articles and Earn Cryptos !
  • Mining Active: Posting and reply articles to earn cryptos
  • First Crypto Influencial Compitittion: 500 thousand USD take away


  • Maintaini WeChat group keep active, collecting user feedback, market analysis group 1-3 groups; Bit Rabbit official 1-31 group, Bit Rabbit and his small partner group
  • Wechat groups users have joined Bunny Pub and market analysis group users being the users of Bunny Pub
  • Build more social media community, there are about 70 people to join in and being the free launcer

Forums operation

  • There are 24 colums and launch crypto awards functions and other interactive activities to bring the forums more fun 
  • VNS of AMT Community,NeoWorld, BTC2,DAppChaser,Dai,HashBee,AMT,DappSo,Lian Cha Guan and Moses Community join our forums
  • 100 KOL invited to be our authors, including Ting Feng Shuo Bi, Duo Kong Zhang die and Bi du
  • Now we have 27491 users and 90171 artiles
  • UV 10000 for one month

Content marketing 

  • Cooperate with Financial and Fintech Social Media, and publish 10 articles every week on Jiemian, Toutiao, Fenghuang, Jinse Caijing , Blocktimes, Ypnews, Huxiu and so on. All the articles, you would also read on the Bunny Pub.
  • BitRabbit E-letter released every week, now we have released three issues, to provide freedom for content on blockchain and crypto~ Want to get familiar with blockchain technology and its real world implications? Here is the guide to help you in the process~~
  • BitRabbit being the member of Taiwan Crypto Eco system
  • Cooperate with Insider, Financial Daily Newspaper, Digital Times, Vision, Coindesk and other 
  • Open Crypto House(only for non-chinese users) in Bunny Pub.
  • Taiwan Operation Team launch Broadcasting Program to explain Blockchain and bring more rating in Taiwan Areas

News Release

October plan

  • Launch Bunny Pub APP
  • Launce EOS game
  • Invite more free lancer to join Bunny Pub


Thank you for your support for BitRabbit. We will constantly optimize the service and transaction experience.

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Fabulous !! Keep it up 

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So great, keep going~~

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Wish BitRabbit success~~

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Good news

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BitRabbit to the moon

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