WebDollar Today

Let’s talk about some pros of the Webdollar project.

- It’s the most wanted crypto project . Why ? Elegance and simplicity . It is very easy to use and very easy to implement everywhere. I mean it .And the website style ... oo gush , just see the website.

- They generate the wallet for you directly in your browser,so you can start to mine very quick . Did i specify that you can mine on any browser, even on phone browsers? Oo and ...it is ASIC resistant and GPU unfriendly. I let you think what are the benefits !

- Webdollar has the fastest transactions ever , and they are working to make them faster then the fastest . I think they want to implement even to read your mind and make the transactions for you ? .

- It is the first hybrid cryptocurrency  33,(3)% POW and 66,(6)% POS. Wtf ?! POS? Yep . POS. Jesus Christ ! They have POS!! But they don’t stop here . Offline POS is coming ! Hell of a crypto !!!!

- Webdollar has offline transactions , but hey , .. they will implement offline POS , what do you expect ?

- They have a nice refferal program and big rewards for almost every involvement ,just because they can ! 

- Too big pros , i think i will stop here . There are too many pros to say. I don’t want to make a book and i am very busy...I must stalk my coins how they grow on POS.Seriously!

- I let you discover all , bye !

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